Rafting Destinations: Greece

  • One of the clearest rivers in Europe, Voidomatis lies amidst a scenery of breathtaking beauty and is ideal for beginners, as the 5 km route presents no particular difficulties and requires no special technical skills. Departure point is the wonderful stone bridge of Aristi (one of Zagorochoria, a group of traditional villages, right in the heart of the Vikos-Aoos National Park) while the route ends at Kleidonia Bridge, a single arch bridge as well as a proper gem along the river way. A refreshing dive in the freezing waters is an option for the brave.
  • Rafting along Tavropos River is one of the best choices for beginners or those having some prior experience in rafting. Departure point is Palia Viniani; after crossing a 10km breathtaking route amidst lush scenery, the adventure comes to an end at the bridge of Megdova. A surprise waits for you at the end of the route: the impressive waterfall of Viniani!
  • River Evinos, rising from Vardoussia and flowing into the Patraic Gulf, is an ideal choice for beginners. The point where the adventure starts is Poros Bridge and after crossing a 10km route you will admire the impressive bridge of Chani Brania. The route’s highlight? The Olympic kayak slalom course!
  • One of the most impressive rivers in Greece, Loussios is perfect for the more experienced rafters! The 8km water route passes through a narrow gorge with lush vegetation and through impressive tunnels. Arched bridges and crystal clear fountains flowing from steep rocks complete the picture of unforgettable scenery.
  • Offering two routes of unparalleled beauty, Arachthos is one of the most popular spots for river rafting, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced rafter. Entering into the narrow gorge of Arachthos, you will come across breathtaking scenery with vertical steep slopes reaching 700m. In the middle of the route, you have the opportunity to make a stop and walk to the Glyfki waterfall. Where the waters fall, a small pond has been formed; the most adventurous of you can try to enjoy a refreshing dive!

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